The India GameJam

As a non-profit media organisation, TALES is dedicated to using multimedia storytelling to promote a deeper understanding of our shared humanity and the planet we call home. The India GameJam is just one way we are achieving this mission.

At TALES, we believe that cross-cultural collaboration is essential to achieving a deeper understanding of our shared humanity. By bridging ancestral knowledge into digital arenas, we can make this knowledge accessible to a wider audience, while also preserving it for future generations. This is why we are committed to developing a platform that is both educational and fun, and that integrates intersectional environmentalism into every aspect of the metaverse.

Check out our previous GameJams!

Check out our previous GameJams in Romania, Brazil, and Congo, where we have collaborated with local communities to create engaging and culturally relevant games.

We believe that the India GameJam will be a great addition to our ongoing efforts to promote cultural exchange and environmental awareness.

Welcome to Our World!

Please note that this India GameJam competition will be held in a hybrid format, with both online and offline components. Participants will need to adhere to the terms and conditions which will be outlined by TALES and WoU in order to participate in the competition. Please review these carefully before signing up.

We look forward to seeing your entries and celebrating the creativity and innovation of India game developers!